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Something a little different maybe...

What you're looking at is a hand-made, replica of Tsume's knife from the anime series Wolf's Rain. This knife accompanied me to a convention in early 2004 where it was autographed by two VERY important people. Toshihiro Kawamoto. Who was the character designer for both cowboy bebop and wolfs rain. And Tensai Okamura, who was the director of the series Wolf's Rain. Toshihiro even drew a little wolf on the knife. This is an incredible opportunity to own a one of kind piece of Wolf's Rain memorabilia. I can't believe I am even considering parting with it but, times are unfortunately very VERY tight. The knife itself has a taped break in it from an unfortunate "glomping" accident at that same anime convention. I think if anything, it adds more character to the piece. I'm not entirely sure what to ask for something like this so I am looking for offers.

I also have a black, KYo, BA-TSU Club tie available. It is in really great condition and has maybe been worn by me once.(inside) I am also not entirely sure what to ask for this so offers are encouraged.
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