. (nemissa) wrote in garagesalejapan,

FS: Video Games, DVD, Artbooks, Manga, Figures, Plushes, Magazines, & more!

Updated my sales LJ with lots of new items!


What's New:

Video Games: Grandia Xtreme, The Nightmare of Druaga, Nightshade, Xenosaga Episode I, Spectral Force Chronicle Limited Edition, Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack, Jade Cocoon, Azure Dreams, Dark Messiah, Brain Lord, Warsong
Manga: Kingdom Hearts 2, 3, 4, Legend of Mana 4 & 5
Books & Artbooks: Kazuma Kaneko Graphics, Devil May Cry 2 Novel
DVD: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Vols. 1-4 w/ Art Box
Plushes: Harvest Moon cat plush

Plus lots more!
Tags: anime, collectibles, magazines, music: cpop, music: jrock, video games
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