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22 September 2008 @ 04:42 pm
PLAYASIA group order for CANADA AND US  
Okay... I have this coupon from playasia for a $5 off if I buy enough things that equal to $50USD.

Since there is NO way I can spend $50USD by myself I am opening up this offer to LJ people. ^^

Please fill out his form if you are interested:

Item you want: (please provide link)
Paypal/concealed cash in USD or CAD (please pick one)
paypal email: (if applipicable)

Group Order is closed on Sept 26.
You have until Sept 30 for all concealed cash purchases to be sent to me.  So please join NOW so I can confirm your order.
For paypal users, you have until Oct 1 for non-cc purchases.  Please inform me if you are using CC-paypal.

Please join!  So far, I only have about $23.80USD not including shipping!  D:
ANYTHING is allowed so video games, CDs, books, etc are allowed!

Please ask any questions you may have.