VulgarKyo (vulgarkyo) wrote in garagesalejapan,

i have some games and books for sale! i take paypal or money orders/ cash (at your own risk) all prices are negotiable!!

GAMES All in Near New Condition!

1. Mario Kart DS - 15.00 obo, case, manual and cartridge in perfect condition
2.Etriyan Odessy (sp XD)  DS - perfect condition on case, manual and cart. - 15.00
3. Final Fantasy Revnant Wings all material are perfect 15.00 DS
4. Magical Starsign - all materials are perfect 13.00 DS
5. Tsugunai Atonment PS2 - 12.00 great condition, come with game, manual and case
6. Baton Kaitos eternal  wings and the lost ocean Gamecube - 10.00  all are in great condition, case, manual and disk

BOOKS - if you buy a set you pay no shipping (thats why sets are more then if you bought them separetly) all book are in great-excellant condition unless otherwise stated

Harry potter series 1-7 all in great condition, number 7 is hardcover the rest are paperbacks. 40.00 for the set, or 5.00 each (number 7 is heavy!)
Eclipse and Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer - excellant condition, both are hardcover 8.00 each or both for 15.00
Kamikaze Girls - a bit of shelf wear, hardcover.  7.00
Vampire Academy by richelle meade  and Frostbite by richelle mead, both books for 14.00 excellant conditions, or 5.00 each
Vampire Kisses series volumes 1,2,3,4 - 4.00 each or  18.00 for the set
Hunters Blade Trilogy, by R.A salvatore - The lone drow - 4.00, The two swords - 4.00
Sellswords Trilogy -  by R.A salvatore, road of the patriarch 3.oo, Promise of the witch king 3.oo these are abit beat up but still readable, the third one i have somewhere so if you want it i can find it. 3.00 for that one too XD
Transistions series - R.A Salvatore - The Orc King (the others arent out yet) 5.00
Dragonvarld sereis by margarette weis- 2,3 The Dragons Son (hardcover) 6.oo The Dragon Master (hardcover) 6.oo . this is a GREAT series! there are 3 books the first is Mistress of Dragons but i dont have that one (left i up in NY accidently) if you can find it i really suggest thiese 3 books.
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