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23 September 2008 @ 05:53 pm
JRock Sale  
1. Shoujo Lolita 23(q) - Hoshi no Kakera Comment CD (JishubanClub Extra CD)
2. Screw - Walling Wall [CD/DVD] *first press*
3. Sadie - Undead 13+2 [CD/DVD]*first press*
4. Sadie - Grieving the Dead Soul [CD/DVD] *first press*

1. Gazette - Tour 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale [Repeated Countless Error] In Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogiba Daiichi Taiikukan [Limited Edition] *first press*
2. Sadie - Crimson Tear DVD *first press*
3. Sadie - Undead FanClub Magazine DVD Vol.1
4. Sadie - Crimson Tear Comment DVD (Zeal Link Extra DVD)
5. Sadie - Grieving the dead Soul Comment DVD (Zeal Link Extra DVD)
6. Screw - Walling Wall Making of DVD (JishubanClub Extra DVD)

VHSs ~picture~
1. Joker [Screw] - Live at Shibuya O-East 2005-03-14 (Like an Edison Extra VHS)
2. Gazette - Comment VHS (Like an Edison Extra VHS)
3. Shoujo Lolita 23(q) - Comment VHS (Brand X Extra VHS)
* for the right Names of the VHS please look at the picture!

1x the studs (2008)
1x kalvary (2008)

3x Nude (2003)
2x sugar (unkown)
1x -Neth- (2008)
1x Gazette (2008)
1x Heisei Ishin (2008)
2x Sadie Fanclub Flyer (2008)
1x ClearVeil (2008)

Flyer Mags
PS Company Bands Flyer Mag (10 pages)
Bands: Gazette, Miyavi, Kagrra, Kra, Alice Nine, Screw, SuG

1x Sadie mini Photocard from Griving the dead Soul (Zeal Link)
1x Screw ~Byou~ Trading Card (JishubanClub)

LOOK AT [info]countless_sale !