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Hiyoz! I have a buncha random stuff I have for sale! X3

Hi hi! A lot of my junk is rare simply because a lot of it is many years old. I've kept my things in the best condition possible, unfortunately however, time has it's tendency of wearing things out.
If anything is not in a very good condition, I'll mention it.

Wellz, here we go!
I'm up for trading, paypal, check, and concealed cash!

I'm charging $5 for each manga, $8 for DMP (usually yaoi)
This is subject to change.

The wallscrolls are pretty cheap because there are some of the little bulb thingies at each corner missing.

Thanks a lot! Let me know if you're interested, and ask if you have any questions! :)


Faerie's Landing
Demon Diary (Full set, 7 is damaged really bad due to an unknown leak in my room, but it's definitely readable, and I can always buy it for you before I ship it out.)
My Only King (Yaoi, only one volume)
Legal Drug 1 and 2
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword 1-6 (a few bruises but otherwise great condition)
Not So Bad 1
Gravitation the novel
Black Cat 1 and 2
Now 1 and 2
Tactics 1
Oh My Goddess 21 (Random, I know T_T)
Fantasy Land 1
Tsubasa 3
RG Veda 1
Sequence 1

I'm looking for (trading):

Il Gatto Sul G 3 
La Esperanza 3+
Canterella 4+

Wallscrolls $10 each, Darkstalkers $8 (it's smaller)

Gundam Wing




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