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25 September 2008 @ 12:05 pm
Momoko Dolls  

Hello, I'm selling the Slow Smile Momoko Doll. She is brand new, still in her box and plastic. I'd like $110 for her. I accept paypal and concealed cash at your own risk.
slow smile momoko

slow smile momoko 2

I also have some other Momoko Dolls for sale but these are have been deboxed but only for a short amount of time. They will be wrapped up and returned to their original box when shipped.

Fan Favorite Green Military Momoko. I'd like $110 for her.
Military Fan Favorite

Snow White. I'd like $130 for her.
Snow White

DASH! After School. I'd like $90 for her.
DASH! After School

Winter Bus Stop. I'd like $110 for her.
Winter Bus Stop