Krista (kyouri) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Stuff for Sale!

Anime DVDs: DVDs are Free Shipped to US
Doki Doki School Hours Volume 1-2 (Sealed) $15
Armored Trooper Votoms Volume 1 Episodes 1-13 on two discs, never really watched. $15
Brigadoon volume 3 $6

Manga: Prices include shipping to US
Steel Angel Kurumi Volumes 1-9 (Complete) $47
Brigadoon Volume 2 $6
Sorcerer Hunters 1-13 (1st Big Book Edition) (Complete) $70
Inu Yasha (1st Big Book Edition) 1-7 (1-8 for $50 Volume 1 isn't in best condition)
Inu Yasha (2nd Small Edition) 8
Fushigi Yugi (1st Big Book Edition) 1-6 $40
Kare Kano 12 $6
Kodocha 4 $6
Ranma 1/2 13 $6
GTO 3 $6
Lupin III 4, 7-9 $25

Megaman Zero
Lunar Legend
Some Japanese Super Mario Game (If you want more info I can boot it up and tell you more.) I do know it has the classic super mario stuff on there with english option and all that.
GBC: Super Mario Bros Deluxe, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Blue, Dogz, Frogger

BFs FS list: Prices are shipped
Love Hina 1-13 $70
Negima 1-4 $27
Steel Angel Kurumi 1-4 $20
Shaolin Sisters 1-2 $12
Psychic Academy 1-4 $20
Real bout highschool 1-6 $30
Battle Vixens 1 $6
DearS 1 $6
Cowboy bebop: Best sessions 2 Dvd's $12
Zaion~ Wish you where here 2 Dvd's $12

In need of money~ Will Accept Paypal or Money Order. Prices are negotiable. Thanks. Will update more later.
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