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import game, cosplay, and anime items for sale!

Hey there!

I'm selling some of my cosplay and anime merchandise! For really cheap! Nothing over $15 dollars! :D

As you can see several items are pictured here!

I'll list the prices of each item and a short description:

Sasuke First Outfit Cosplay Top - This is the official Shonen Jump Sasuke cosplay top. It's about between a small and medium. I'm 5'2" and at about 100lbs, and it fit me quite nicely. See below for a pic of me wearing it. Originally paid about $70 for it. Has been washed. Could be great for a Halloween costume! $15 SOLD

Sasuke First Outfit Arm Guards - Another official Shonen Jump product. Paid about 30 for these. They cover almost all of the forearm if you are small like me. Has been washed. Comes with orginal plastic case to store in. $8 SOLD

Here's a pic of me wearing both these items. I'm about 5'2" and 100 lbs, so if that helps give you an idea about size...

Official Jump Fiesta Naruto T-Shirt - Fits a little bigger than a womens small. I'm of small build and it fits me nicely, not too tight. Back is what is shown in pic. Modeled after Naruto's jacket. has Konohagakure at the bottom back, on the front a small fire emblem with the kanji there on the left upper chest. Originally paid $30 for it. Can take pics wearing it at request. Has been washed. $8 SOLD

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2 for Gamecube - Disc is a little scratched, but still plays great! Never has skipped on me ever. You must either have a JAPANESE GAMECUBE, MODDED GAMECUBE, or a FREELOADER to play this game. THIS IS AN IMPORT. - $8

Slytherin Hogwarts Scarf - Custom order made for me, I no longer wear this scarf. It's about 8 feet long, and when drapped over my neck each side stops a little above my ankles. Yet again, I'm 5'2". Used only a few times, is in great condition! $8

Small Tennis Ball Shaped Prince of Tennis Pillow - This cute little pillow has Ryoma on it! And it's shaped like a tennis ball! In great condition, I just don't have room for it anymore. Diameter is about 12 inches. $9

Medium Sized Regular Shaped Prince of Tennis Pillow - This nice pillow has Ryoma and Fuji on it from Seigaku! It's length is about 18 inches. In great condition, but I just don't have room for it anymore. $10


Shipping is NOT included in these prices. It is added on once you give me you zip code, and based on how much you are buying. I only charge you what it costs to mail plus the box I have to buy. Nothing more. I'll weigh it and come back to you with a quote. All of these things are very light weight, so shipping should not be much I would think.

I accept PayPal ONLY! Sorry! And I can only take bank account or paypal balance transfers! NO CREDIT CARDS! I can't take them! Sorry!

If you have any questions or want a closer pic of something just ask! Please direct all comments here on this post!

Thank you for looking, and please serious buyers only!
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