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I've weeded through the things I'm currently offering through this, my selling journal otakushopper, to post up everything anime I'm trying to get rid of. No pictures just yet but if you ask for one, I can definetly provide it.
Most prices are noted but definetly aren't hard-set. Feel free to look over my entire list on this LJ.

RahXephon Collector's Box (no Vol. 1 DVD or shirt, just the box itself) (Free to a good home ;)
Cardcaptor Sakura wallscroll (missing the endcaps on top and bottom but, otherwise, in good shape) ($15)

Tapes ($3.00 a tape, unless noted)
Blood the Last Vampire
Ghost in the Shell
Hamtaro - Little Hamsters, Big Adventures
Perfect Blue
Vampire Princess Miyu (Volume 1)

Manga ($5.00, unless otherwise noted)
Chobits (Vol. 2)(1591820057)
Clover (Vol. 1)(1892243664)
Cowboy Bebop (Vol. 1) (1931514917)
Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star (Vol. 1) (1591822971)
Crescent Moon (Vol. 1) (1591827922)
Demon Diary (Vol. 1) (15918211541)
Love Hina (1931514941)
Ragnarok (Vol. 1)
Ragnarok (Vol. 2)
Ragnarok (Vol. 3)
Rebirth (Vol. 1)(1591822165)
Sailor Moon Supers (Vol. 1)(18922123125)
Video Girl Ai - Preproduction (Vol. 1) (1569314314)
X/1999 Prelude (Vol. 1) (1569319499)

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