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Anime/J-Rock Stuff For Sale

I'm leaving for Tokyo in a week, so I need to unload some old stuff to make room for the new. No pictures, sorry... if you'd like to see photos, comment and I'll see what I can do (tomorrow).

In order to get these things sent before I leave, I'm going to have to ask that anyone who's interested contact me immediately and send payment as soon as the details are worked out. If you can't get payment to me by Tuesday, your order will be cancelled. I can only accept PayPal. For flat things, shipping will be 50 cents for an envelope with a stamp on it. For anything else, shipping will be $5-$9 for Priority Mail. Due to the time crunch I'm in, I cannot ship outside of the United States. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you're interested in anything, include your e-mail address in your comment, and I will contact you. Thank you! ^_^

Chobits "Your Eyes Only" Artbook
Paperback artbook featuring pictures of mostly Chii. Beautiful pictures. Excellent condition, only flipped through a couple of times, never scanned. Original dust jacket in included. [$23.00]

J-Rock Photos/Stickers
I have several of these that have accumulated over the years, and I don't really have much use for most of them.

Miyabi - single photo - $1.50
Sakito - silver sticker - $1.50
BLOOD - photoset (5 pieces) - $5.00

Kawamura Ryuichi - Ne [$11.00]
Cross Cradle - Ko Do U (cracked jewel case) [$9.00]
BLOOD [0] - Something (actually, there's no title on the tape) [$8.00]

I really suck at this... I'm a horrible packrat and I don't want to part with anything. If I can suck it up and get rid of some things, there will be more. ^_~;;

Anyway, please comment if you're interested in anything. Thank you! ^^
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