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26 September 2008 @ 08:35 pm
DS: YUI - From me to you CD  

I moved on from YUI years ago so I'd really like to sell this.

I think it's the LE but i'm not sure.
I will provide a picture if requested.

Please give me your best offer because as of now, I'm not too concerned about price.  I just want to get this CD off my shelf.

P.S.  I'm willing to trade this CD for something related to An Cafe (only things w/ Bou in them though..) ^^
Akicrimsonbreeze on September 27th, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
Hello!!! Would it be ok to offer 10 USD for the YUI album? I really want it!

E-mail me please! b_darwich_mcfadden at hotmail dot com, thank you!