Meg (captmeg123) wrote in garagesalejapan,

A couple of new things to sell:

- Last Exile DVD 1 - $17

- Naruto Cosplay resin Kunai Knife, two resin shuriken, Sasuke glove, Naruto pouch and Leaf Village headband. The kunai knife, shuriken are from Japan. The pouch and headband are from Hong Kong. The Sasuke glove, I found in the States. I paid about $80 for the whole lot - I'm asking for $45.

In addition:
Wolf's Rain DVD 1
Outlaw Star DVD's 1-3 (complete series)
X/1999 manga volumes 1-15
Kare Kano manga volumes 1-6
Magic Rayearth VHS Complete Series 1 with Collector's box
Rurouni Kenshin OAV 1 and 2 VHS
Record of Lodoss War VHS complete series
Animerica issues

Comment or shoot me over an email to with subject line "LJ ANIME" if interested. I can also post pictures if you need them.

Take care,

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