KT (noir_shiroi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Momoko Dolls For Sale

Slow Smile
Mama Told Me
Dash! After School

Hello, I'm selling the Slow Smile Momoko Doll. She is brand new, still in her box and plastic. I'd like $110 for her. I accept paypal and concealed cash at your own risk.
slow smile momoko

slow smile momoko 2

Mama Told Me. She's new and still in her box. I'd like $160 for her.
mama told me

I also have some other Momoko Dolls for sale but these are have been deboxed but only for a short amount of time. They will be wrapped up and returned to their original box when shipped.

Dash! After School. I'd like $110 for her.
DASH! After School
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