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Gothic, Cute, and Sanrio: Cell Phone Strap, Charm for DIY Jewelry, or Key Chain. There are a limited number of each available. Each charm comes with a matching cell phone strap.
If you spend $25 you will get a FREE cell phone strap or japanese stationary grab bag!
Remember 100% of the profits go to awesome organisations. So on behalf of the littlest animals, thank you.


You only have until October 1st to order and then this offer will disapear!

Click here to get to the cell phone charm journal entry in my journal and order one right now!

I will take orders and monies until October 1st, then I will order everything and then send it to you. If you do not pay before October 1, or 5 days after (whichever is sooner after your order), I will drop you and let the next person grab it. If I get a lot of orders I will order a couple of times, so that those who ordered first will get their items first. (If I get 10 items ordered I will order before October 1st, so tell your friends to order some so you can get your charm faster!)

  • If you buy 5 of the $5 charms, I will send you another different surprise charm for free, or if you buy 4 of the $6 charms, you can buy another charm for just one dollar more. so basically, if you spend at least $25 you get something awesome for free. If you don't want a cell phone charm, you may request instead a mini memo and sticker grabbie (japanese kawaii stationary)

  • First come, first serve. There is a limited amount that I will be able to purchase so if you want it, grab it! If you want super fast shipping or insurance extra please let me know. Delivery Confirmation is included in price if you buy at least two.

    Every Charm is listed as $5 or $6 shipped, that is only within the continental US. If you live outside of the USA, shipping will be more. (However you are still available for the 6th one free)

    If, by the time I order your item and the provider does not have it anymore then I will be happy to either replace it with another or give you your money back.

    Makes an awesome gift for your friends or to have a cute collection of them!

    Hi there! If you would like to order, please do so by commenting in my journal. You can also read my new rules and revised FAQ and look at all of my awesome feedback in my journal.

    Serious buyers only please! No trades.
    I also have screened comments in my journal for your privacy.

    {Photos are smaller than actual product; actual product small, 'cuz it's a cell phone charm!
    Actual charms are also WAY cuter than in their photo.}

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