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Need Money!

Everything needs to go! I'm desperately in need of money, so no trades. If you don't like the price, then please offer a price. For items without prices, I will pretty much accept any price for them.
Prices do not include shipping. I accept payment through Paypal or well-concealed cash (at your own risk)

(right) Lip Smacker Jell-O Berry Blue- Brand New [$1.50]
(left) Lip Smacker Jell-O Lime- Brand New [$1.50]

The Body Shop: Strawberry Bath Set- Brand new [$5]
- Shower gel
- Soap
- Lip balm

Assorted Belts- Brand new [$0.75 Each]

Shiseido Pouch & Trial Set- Brand new [$2]
- Shiseido Facial Cotton (4 Sheets)
- Shiseido Pouch

Metal Bracelets (Blue & Red Green and White Styles)- Brand new [$1 each]

6 Lip Gloss Bracelets- Brand new [$1.50 for all]

DIY Beaded Hairties (Blue Pastel Heart/Flowers, Pink Pastel Hearts/Flowers, Red Flowers, or Purple Flowers)- Brand new [$0.25 each]

Liz Claiborne Black Sequin 'A' Handbag- Brand new [$7]

Blue & White Weaved Bag- Brand new [$5]

Fluffy Make-up Case (Has A Mirror Inside)- Brand new [$5]

(left) Girl's Sunny Wallet- Brand new [$5]
(right) Girl's Billabong Tri-fold Wallet- Brand new [$5]

Golden Flip-Flops (Woman's Size 6)- Brand new [$6]

Plumeria Bath Crystals- Brand New [$3.50]

Fuwa Puff Lucent Powder (Mini Face Puff & Powder)- Brand New [$6]

Silver Plastic Brush & Comb Set- Brand New [$3]

Dove Cool Moisture Beauty Bar (Fresh; Cucumber & Green Tea)- Brand New [$1]

Cute Yellow Bath Sponge- Brand New [$4]

Pack of 3 Smiling Kitchen Sponges- Brand New [$5]

White Dangling Wing Earrings- Brand New [$4.50]
Pink Flower Stud Earrings- Brand New [$2.50]

Set of 8 Wooden Hello Kitty Chopsticks- Brand new [$4]

Set of 2 Pink Hello Kitty Plastic Plates- Brand new [$2]

Set of 3 Plastic Hello Kitty Cups (Blue, Yellow & Pink)- Brand new [$2]

Hello Kitty Sticker Sack (100 Stickers)- Brand New [$4]

Hello Kitty Retro Phone Charm- Brand New [$3]

Hello Kitty Bubble Gum Memo (8 "Bubble Gum Stick" Sheets)- Brand New [$2]

Hello Kitty Origami Set- Brand New [$6]

iLogic Plug-In Speaker for MP3 Players & iPod- Brand new [$2]

Crystal Case for Motarola KRZR With Belt Clip- New but opened from plastic wrap [$1.00]

"Kaze Warabe" Pinwheel Girl Cell Phone Charm- Brand new [1.50

Japanese Color Changing Phone Strap (Large Stars Change From White to Purple After UV Exposure)- Brand new [$2.50]

Harajuku Lovers Cell Phone Charm- New [$2.50]

Large Stitch Clapper Keychain/ Cell Phone Charm- Brand new [$4]

JuiceBox MP3/Video/Photo Player Set- Used Only A Few Times [$18 or best offer]
- JuiceBox MP3/Video/ Photo Viewer
- Carrying Case
- JuiceBox Earphones
- MP3 & Photo Viewer Installation CD-Rom
- 32 MB Digital Card & JuiceBox Card Adapter
- Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode 39
- KND: Kids Next Door Episode 19
- Pieces Of Me: Ashlee Simpson Music Video

Black Silicone iPod Case (iPod Video)- Brand New [$3.50]

Pink Wii Hand Strap- Brand New [$2.50]

Blue SIlicone Wii Controller & Nun Chuck Case- Brand New [$8]
Crystal Wii Controller & Nun Chuck Case- Brand New [$8]

Clear White Nintendo DS Lite Polycarbonate Case- Brand New [$5]
Clear Blue Nintendo DS Lite Polycarbonate Case- Brand New [$5]
Both Cases [$9]

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (GameCube)- Brand New & Sealed [$15]
Anubis II (Wii)- Used But In Great Condition (Includes Disk, manual & case) [$15]

Top right: Roxy All-Stars shirt (children's large)- never worn but washed a few times
Top middle: Chicago tie-dye shirt (children's 14/16)- never worn but washed once
Left: Shedd Aquarium shirt (children's extra large 16/18)- brand new without tags
Bottom right: Next Era Girl shirt (children's large)- never worn but washed a few times
Bottom middle: Disneyland shirt (children's large)- brand new with tags

Top & bottom left: Blue Adidas reversible shorts (children's large)- good used condition
Top & bottom right: Purple Adidas reversible shorts (children's large)- good used condition

Left: Black pants (woman's size 6 petite)- worn & washed once
Right: Nike athletic pants (children's medium 10/12)- never worn but washed

Left: N-Kids yellow collared shirt (children's XL 16)- worn a few times
Right: N-Kids plaid shorts (children's L 14)- worn a few times

Blue N-Kids shorts (children's 16)- worn; small holes on bottom cuff

Tan N-Kids shorts (children's 16)- worn; small holes on bottom cuff

Gap demin short (children's 14)- gently worn

Gap tan shorts (children's 14)- gently worn

Greendog white shorts (children's 12)- gently worn

Rafaella Black Top (Woman's Size M)- Brand new

Gap Reversible Jacket Blue Snowflake Design/ White Fake Fur (Child's XXL 14-16)- Brand new

Ralph Lauren Light Blue Sport V-Neck Shirt (Woman's Small)- Brand new with tags

Japanese Toe Socks (Leopard Print; 23--25 cm)- Brand new with tags

Pink bath tote (pockets for 'sponge' & 'soap')- brand new

Valentines bear- brand new with tag

Nail polishes (small bottles; purple, pale red, pink, glittery)- all used but have at least 50% left in the bottle

Nail polishes (large bottles; pink, blue & purple)- all used only once or twice

Blue electric radio alarm clock- used once and in like new condition!

DIY Make Your Own Hanging Curtain (Rainbow Fish)- Brand new [$3]

Shojo Beat Mini 2008 Calendar- Brand new (Great For Pictures!) [$2]

Hawaii's Flowers 2009 Calendar- Brand new [$2]

Embossing Templates- Brand New [$4 each]
- Butterfly
- Flower 1
- Bumblebee
- Baby
- Cherry
- Bee Mine
- Dragonfly
- By The Sea

Prentice Hall: Biology- Used But In Excellent Condition [$30]

The Odyssey by Homer- In Used Condition (Writing, Highlights, etc.) [$2]
The Iliad by Homer- Brand new [$5]
Both Books [$6]

Prentice Hall: Science Explorer (Human Biology & Health)- Good Condition [$5]
Prentice Hall: Science Explorer (Inside Earth)- Good Condition [$5]

Resource Units In Hawaiian Culture by Donald D. Kilolani Mitchell- Used Condition (Highlighted & Edges Bent) [$7.50]

World Cultures: A Global Mosaic- Okay Condition (Highlights & Writing) [$15]

Pencil Case- Brand New [$4]

Memories To Go (Mini Scrapbook)- Brand new [$3]

Purple Compact Photo Organizer (Holds 28 Photographs)- Brand new [$4]

Jumbo Book Sock- Brand new [$0.75]

Pochacco Mini Notepad Set (45 Sheets; 15 Of Each Design)- Brand new [$1]

Russ Untamed Hearts Stationary Set (Notepad & Pen)- Brand new [$3]

Color n' Color Large Note Cards (Purple/Pink, Blue, or Green)- Brand New [$1.75]
Color n' Color Small Note Cards (Purple/Pink, Blue, or Green)- Brand New [$1.00]

Blue Naruto Shippuden Notebook With 9 Stickers (25 Blank Pages; A Little Smaller Than A Regular Sheet of Paper)- Brand new [$2.25]

Japanese Decoration Tape Set- Brand New [$11.50]
- 3 Rolls of Hiragana Decoration Tape
- Blue Elephant Tape Dispenser
- Activity Sheet

Coffee & Doughnut Mouse Pad- Brand new [$4]

Nohohon Park Envelope Sealers (green & blue)- Brand new [1.75 each]

Pooh Bear Mini Notebook- Brand New [$2]

Pocchaco Mini Notebook Refill Pages- Brand New [$2]

Japanese Styled Stationary Set- Brand New [$5]

Japanese Four Elements Stationary Set- Brand New [$5]

Natural Like Ocean Japanese Stationary Set- Gently Used [$4]
- Plastic Pouch (Has some small ink stains on it)
- 8 Envelope Fillers
- 1 Envelope
- 7 Blue Note Papers
- 9 White Note Papers

Cute Recipe Cards- Brand new [$3]

MonAmi Dust Free Erasers- $0.35 each (3 Available)

Cute Animal Decoration Packing Tape & Dispenser- Brand New [$4]

Ice Molds (Perfect for Ice Cone Machines)- Brand New [$5]

Plastic Teddy Bear Bento Container With Fork- Brand New [$4]

Small Red Bento Box With Rabbit Design- Brand New [$5]

Pack of 4 Mayonnaise Cases- Brand New [$4]

Japanese Bento Belt- Brand New [$5]
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