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Jrock, Kpop and Manga for sale (Image Heavy)

I always end up buying things on impulse and never watching/appreciating them :/ So I'm selling things that have just been sitting in my room in the hopes that someone would enjoy them more than me.

All items are located in the US and come from a smoke free, pet friendly home. All payment made by paypal only and I will ship internationally. If you have any questions or want better/bigger pictures of anything, just let me know :)

Jrock & Kpop

Neo Genesis No.23 - sold
Zy.[zi:] Mega Edition #06 / the GazettE - sold
Tour 2006-2007"Decomposition Beauty" Final Meaningless Art That People Showed At Yokohama Arena - $40
(click for bigger image)
The DVD has never been watched and the two magazines have been looked through maybe once, all in great condition, smoke free home. Shipping for the DVD would be $4, paypal only. I am located in the US and will ship internationally.


9GOATS BLACK OUT photosets $10 each.

sample from website

sample from website

sample from website
These were bought through a shopping service a little over a month ago and they have been in their plastic wraps ever since so they are still in perfect condition. I bought all four, three of which are out of stock on their official website now. Shipping for these would be $2 each, paypal only.


Plastic Tree "Alone Again, Wonderful World" single, first press limited edition $10.

I preordered this from CD Japan and after uploading it onto my computer I no longer need it, though it is still in great condition. It comes with a DVD with the PV of the title track, plus bonus making of footage. It also came with a poster that has the same picture as the CD cover, I can include it in the sale though keep in mind that it is ripped on the top, I did it myself trying to unwrap it. Shipping would be $3, paypal only.


Super Junior "U/Twins" single, first press limited edition $10.

This is the Japanese release of Super Junior's early singles, "U" and "Twins". It comes with a bonus DVD with the "U" pv and bonus making of footage. Gently used, great condition. Shipping would be $3, paypal only.


Super Junior-M album "Me", CD and DVD version, $15.

Brand new, only opened to check it but never watched or listened to. Includes a DVD of interviews and videos with a mini photobook of pictures and messages from each member. Shipping would be $4, paypal only.


All of my manga have been kept securely in storage.

Demon Diary 1-7, $5 each.

All have been read through once, still in good condition. Shipping for each book would be $4, add $2 for each additional book, paypal only.


Mouryou Kiden 1-2, $5 each.

All read through once but still in good condition, Shipping for each book would be $4, paypal only.


Loveless 1-2, $5 each.

Never read, great condition.


The Wallflower 1-8, $5 each.

Gently used but in great condition.


Alichino 1-3, $5 each.

Gently used but in very good condition. Wonderful series with awesome art.


Angel Sanctuary 1-12, $5 each.

All in very good condition though they have been read, it was my favorite series so I made sure to handle them very carefully.


Gravitation 1-12, $5 each.

All in very good condition, though the first few were read a few times. All mini posters intact.


RG Veda 1-4, $5

Very good condition, gently used. Another amazing series that I'd definitely recommend.
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