asagi_syndrome (asagi_syndrome) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB: CDs, flyers, etc & clothing

Ok I have quite a collection that I am searching for.

First of all, CDs, flyers and other kind of fanstuff from DASEIN. What I do have already from them, are:
DVD: Ai no tameni yume no tameni
Albums: Soumatou - best of, Hyper beat rock
Singles: I miss you, Himitsu, Resistance, Gekijo.
Anything else can be offered. I especially am looking for Sasuraibito CD.

Also I search CDs and other kind of stuff from R*A*P, access and Daisuke Asakura.
From R*A*P I have CDs: Rendezvous, Ambitious, Precious and Uchu attack. Also couple of flyers.
From access and Daisuke Asakura I have nothing yet.

I accept only real authentic stuff, no bootlegs or other kind of copies.

And from clothes, I am looking for reasonable prized, good condition FÖTUS brand clothing. If you have some that you are willing to sell, make an offer and I'll see what I say about it. At this moment, you can offer any size at all. NO CHEAP COPIES! I know that FÖTUS rip-offs excist but I want the real thing.

Please leave a message if you have something from these for sell. Oh and I live in Europe so international shipping is required.
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