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Posting this junk again! Still trying to save a little more money for A-Kon I will love you forever if you buy something! Anything!

Don't be afraid to make an offer if you want something and can't afford!!! *pleads*


At this time I will only take PayPal. I'm in a time crunch getting money together for A-Kon (I leave town June 2nd). So it would be much appreciated if payment could be made by Friday May 27th so I have the 3-4 days it takes for PayPal to transfer funds to my checking account so I can get money out. If there's something you want, but you can't use PayPal and it's still available after A-Kon, I'll post again or contact you if you're still interested after June 6th. ^_^; Click on the item to view a picture if there is one. Some of the pics aren't that great. I apologize, my step dad's camera was dying. ^^;

Jrock Stuff

Buck-Tick Fish Tank Fanclub Books: FT.30 (December 03) and FT.31 (March 04. I don't have pictures of these because I don't own a digital camera and my scanner is currently dead. About 62 pages each. Color images in front, but mostly black and white pages. Interviews, Q&A, other stuffs I can't read. Cute picture of Atsushi Sakurai with two kittens in FT.30 XD The previous offers I got for these were $15 each, unfortunately the person couldn't come up with the money. Free shipping if you buy them for $15. If you'd like to offer a lower price, I'll just charge for media mail ($2) and pay for the envelope out of my pocket. ^^;

Cure Vol. 10-11 (July/August 2004) Cover: Vidoll. Excellent condition! Looked through twice. Includes poster! $16 + $4 shipping. View pics at this Website

Miyavi - Rock no Gyakushu - Super Star no Joken / 21seiki-gata koshinkyoku CD Single (This is the CD only. I bought this off this community last year and the person I bought it from neglected to tell me that it would not come in its original case with inserts. >:( It therefore is in a regular jewel case with no inserts and no DVD.) Product number UPCX-5035 $4 + $2 shipping

Burned Copy of Miyavi’s Oresama Movie. Does not have subtitles, but is easy to follow even if you don’t know Japanese. Bought this on ebay to determine whether or not the movie would be worth my buying an official copy of. So if someone just wants to see the movie before they spend the $40+ on a movie they aren’t sure they will like, I’m not charging much for this. It comes in a plain black DVD case and plays fine. $3 + $2 shipping

Hyde 2004 Calendar Page: Poster-sized page. Has been torn off the metal bar that held the calendar together so it may be a little rough across the top, but nothing major. Also has the months and dates printed on it. ^_^ $7 + $3 shipping in a tube


Manga $4 each + $2 shipping. All in excellent condition, English versions.

I.N.V.U. vol. 1
Peacemaker Kurogane vol. 1
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star vol. 1

DVDs. $8 each + $3 shipping. Great condition. All region 1 releases.

Samurai X The Movie
Texhnolyze vol. 1
Tenchi Muyo GXP vol. 1

Anime Posters $1 + $1 shipping

All of these came from Newtype or Animerica Magazines. Never been hung up.

Zaion (left in pic)
Rahxephon (left in pic)
Five Star Stories (right in pic)
a href="">Angelic Layer</a>

This poster was purchased at House of Anime and has never been hung up. $3 + $3 shipping in a tube

X - Nataku

Anime Goodies

X Vol. 3 DVD slipcase (This is ONLY the limited slipcase for X Vol. 3 incase you're trying to get the whole collection and missed this one)$3 + $1 shipping

Gungrave mousepad (From Gungrave Vol. 1 w/box) $3 + $2 shipping

Spiral mini puzzle (From Spiral Vol. 1 w/box) $3 + $2 shipping

Miscellaneous anime stickers. [B] (almost all of these sticker sheets have stickers missing from them. Some came free with magazines and others were purchased from stores.) Anime featured are: Yu-Gi-Oh (2 sheets), Chance Pop Session (3 sheets: 2 full, 1 with stickers missing), Ranma ½, Fushigi Yuugi. $2 for all or offer a price for single sheets you want + $1 shipping (no shipping if you're buying other things)

Tenchi Muyo cards. The picture just shows a sample of the cards. There are 72 cards including a checklist. This is the complete set. They feature images from the anime and were produced by Comic Images. The set comes in a little plastic box. All cards are in good condition. $3 + $3 shipping

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