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Selling Some Jrock Magazines

Cure issue from May 2006, no poster, well, it's hanging on my wall with duck tape, I could try and remove it if you want to buy it. Anyways the artists included are;

Vidoll, The Dead Pop Stars, Phantasmagoria, Ummm some band whos name I dont know, D, 12012, Rentrer en soi, Jealkb, Sive, BIS, and a bunch more. The magazine is in great condition, only looked through once or twice. I'm asking $10 for it. Plus shipping.

Shoxx December 2007,   no poster and I lost the translated booklet for Nightmare's interview. Asking $10, it's in great condition and has only been looked through at the most 2 times. The bands in it are;

Nightmare, The Gazette, Mucc, Alice Nine, Plastic Tree, D, Miyavi, D'espairs Ray, Vidoll, Ayabie, LM.C, Kra, Mix Speaker's, Inc., and many more.

V!nyl Syndicate Vol. 15, Brand new. Read through twice. I'm asking $5 for it. The artists in it are;

12012, Rice, and a bunch of other names that I cant read.

Alright, none of those prices include shipping. I'll ship anywhere, as long as you pay for the shipping. I'll take Concealed Cash USD, and if you tell me how to work Paypal, I can use that too.

Ask for pictures.  =D
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