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Hey everyone! I'm auctioning off my An Cafe Nyappy Go Around The World tour t-shirt and handmade Nyappy Bag by funny_phantoms. These are so awesome, but I really need the money. :< Please help me~

T-Shirt Info:
Starting bid - $15.00 (shipping not included)
Bought for - $50 shipped.
Size - Youth M (10/12)
Condition - Great, bought this off another LJer. Washed and worn once by myself.

Nyappy Bag Info:
Starting bid - $5.00
Bought for - $30 shipped.
Condition - Excellent. Has never been used by myself. It's too cute for me. ;_;
Notes - This one is the Secret Base bunny. It's black with Red and White hearts on it's ears. The nyappy face is pink because the poor girl making this was rushing since I asked for a rush order. >____<;; But! Still totally adorable. <3

I accept concealed cash in USD ayor, postal money orders ayor, or CC/non-CC PayPal. For CC PayPal, you must pay the fees.
Shipping from Pennsylvania, USA.
Will be shipped First Class unless the winning bitter prefers something else.
Shipping worldwide, you must pay shipping fees.
Bidders can not back out. Please don't post if you don't think you have enough funds, or if you think you might change your mind later on.
Winning bidder absolutely can not back out.

You will be notified when you are outbidded!
I'm not online 24/7, but I'll try to keep this updated.

That's all I can think of for now~
Happy bidding!

Start : October 2, 2008 10:10 PM Eastern
End : October 8, 2008 7:00 PM Eastern

Highest bidder so far for Nyappy Bag: sweet_milk_tea ~ $16
Highest bidder so far for T-shirt: an_troxy - $26
Tags: music: jrock, music: other
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