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Anime and manga sale: last three days.

All anime, manga, and comics are on sale for three more days!
Manga volumes are $2.00 each or less.
Single comics all $0.50 each.
Anime VHS all $1.00 each.
Anime DVDs are $1 per episode or less.

Comment here or email me at septembertreasure[at]yahoo[dot]com if you see something you want. I'm based in the US, and all prices are in USD. Prices do not include shipping.
New rule: If you fail to respond within 24 hours, item goes to the next person in line.
Anything left on Monday morning is taking a one-way trip to the local used book store.

Manga in English

My Code Name is Charmer #1-2
Price: $2.00 each
Notes: By Narumi Kakinouchi. #1 was somehow printed backwards.

Megatokyo 1-3
Price: $2.00 each

X/1999 #1-4
Price: $1.50 each for 1-2, $2.00 each for 3-4
Notes: 1 and 2 are the older, larger format. 3 and 4 are the smaller reprinted version.

Manga in Japanese

Gorgeous Carat 1-4
Price: $2.00 each, or buy the whole set for $5.00.

Super Kid #3-5
Price: $1.00 each

Single Comics

All comics are in English. In general, manga are black and white inside while American comics are color. If you want more details on condition, please ask.
Single comics are $0.50 each.

159 and 164
Betty and Veronica #159 and #164
Notes: Normal, not double digest

Blade of the Immortal #64

The Blood Sword #1 and #18

Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptor Sakura #8
Notes: This story is found in volume 2, chapter 2 of the TPB.

Cowboy Bebop #3 and #4

Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats Bad Trip #2 (of 6)

Jademan #1

Maison IkkokuMaison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku part 9: #9 and #10
Notes: Last two issues in this series.

Milk and Cheese
Milk and Cheese’s other number one (#2)

Ninja High School #91 and #92

Oriental Heroes #1

Outlanders book 2, issue #2

Poison Elves #67 and #70

Racer X
Racer X #11
Notes: I think this was the last issue written by this particular team.

Ranma 1/2
Ranma 1/2 part 7 #12

Shi #1 (of 2?)

Anime on VHS

VHS tapes are $1.00 each

Darkside Blues
Darkside Blues
Notes: Dubbed in English. The paper case is damaged (see picture). 83 minutes. Complete movie.

4 and 56
Magic Users Club 4-6
Notes: Dubbed in English. First 10 episodes of T.V. series (1-3 are OVA). Vol 4= 4eps, Vol 5= 3 eps, Vol 6= 3 eps

Sorcerer Hunters #2 and #4
Notes: Japanese with English subtitles. Some wear on cases. Vol 2= eps 4-6, Vol 4= eps 9+10

Street Fighter II
Notes: Dubbed in English. 96 minutes. Complete movie.


.hack//SIGN vol 3 (Gestalt)
Price: $4.00
Notes: 4 episodes.

Ranma 1/2: Battle for Miss Beachside
Price: $3.00
Notes: 3 episodes. Sticky Rectangles on front/back from price stickers.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer limited edition (collectors edition)
Price: $5.00
Notes: English audio only. DVD comes in a slip-cover with textured front. 11 episodes.

The Tokyo Project
The Tokyo Project
Price: $2.00
Notes: Complete movie. 60 minutes.
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