onesquishedcat (onesquishedcat) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Thigh High boots + Lolita skirt + yukata cosplay

Selling some new and some old!

Prices are in USD, shipping is not included - will be calculated by weight and distance it has to travel.
(I live In Canada)

I accept non-CC paypal only, please ^^

Also,  serious offers only! Gas is too expensive to keep checking postage rates. >< 

First  I have a pair of thigh high Electra buckle boots, size 10 - I tried them on a few times, but never "worn". Bought on Ebay for $100.
Selling for $60..Pending

Second I have a lolita-ish skirt, never worn. However, there is a tiny pinkish spot on it, but I'm sure it can easily be removed with a little bleach. Skirt is 22 inches long, with an elastic waist. 

Selling for $32 

Third I have a yukata/lolita-ish costume, which I bought on ebay on impulse and only wore once. Size L/XL, it's  freesize-ish, with a maximum as follows:

Bust:  44''
Waist 44"
Length 38"
Sleeves including ruffles: 25"
Includes a white obi made of the same material as the ruffles - it measures 75" by 6".
Selling for $35

Thanks for looking!
Tags: fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl

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