Ravyn (ravynfyre) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Gundam Wing Doujinshi For Sale

I am once again selling lots of Gundam Wing Yaoi doujinshi. You can find my listings on My eBay page.

They're pretty much all 1x2 or 2x1, all in EXCELLENT condition. The art is all awesome, and shipping is flat rate, so you can purchase up to two auctions for the shipping price of ONE! (Any more than two doesn't fit in the flat rate envelopes very gracefully, and will cost significantly more to calculate shipping due to weight, so it's best to buy in pairs of lots at a time.) And, yes, I DO ship international!

All of these books were originally bought for $8-$12 a piece and all lots of FOUR BOOKS PER AUCTION have a starting bid of $0.99, with a buy it now of only $20! That's only $5 a book!

I just don't read them often any more and want them to go to good fan homes who will appreciate them rather than watching them sit in a crate tucked away in a closet.

I've got 14 different lots of GW books up, all but one for FOUR doujin each! That's a bunch of doujinshi up for grabs and the art is all awesome. Bid early, bid often! And please feel free to cross post this to any other LJ's, mailing lists, people, and communities that you feel might be interested!
Tags: doujinshi
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