Starlight (seraphim_12) wrote in garagesalejapan,

BL manga anime and stuff~

I've got a bunch of BL Manga I'd like to get rid sell off :D They're all in great condition and I would really like to sell them in their current sets

- Prices are negotiable (but not by much)
- Selling out of Canada hence prices listed in the CDN Dollar
- Payment in US or CDN
- Partial trades are accepted
- Payment by direct PP preferred, but I can do CC (i'll be adding the 2 and whatever % that they will take off), money order, and mail in (at our own risk!!)
- Shipping all depends on where you live . . . pls leave your postal code, province/state and country and I will check it  as soon as I can

Earthian vol.1- 4 = $35  $32
Ichigenme . . . The First Class is Civil Law vol.1-2 = $15
Flower of Life vol.1-3 = $25
Antique Bakery = $37 SOLD
Kizuna: Bonds of Love vol. 1-6& 8 = somberofsilence  has a standing bid of $80 (s/h not included since she's lives in my vicinity) If anyone is willing to bid higher please do so~
Gravitation vol.1 = $5 SOLD
Descendants of Darkness vol.1 =$5 SOLD
Inu Yasha vol.10 ani-manga version (everything's coloured!) = $3

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad OST  = $7 SOLD


             Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Limited Edition Collector's Box still in it's shrinkwrap. Gimme a number and we can work something out.

                    of Uruhara Kisuke from Bleach = $15 SOLD

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