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Selling some stuff ^^ (JRock cds & mags, BL Movies & Drama, Gosurori, Gothic & Lolita Bible)

I am selling some of my "old" CDs and magazines. 
Most items are in near-perfect condition.  None of the discs are scratched. The Gothic & Lolita books all have the patterns that came with them.
If there is any imperfection, it is noted next to its listing.

CDs from:: Access, Kozi(*), Gazette(*), Baroque, Dir en grey(*), L'Arc en ciel, D, La'Mule, AKFG, Rentrer en Soi, and Sana (ex. Mask)
Mags: Shoxx, Cure, Fool's Mate, Purple Sky
Movies: Boys Love, Sukitomo
Drama: Ren'ai Shindan (vol 1 & 4)
Mooks: Gosurori and Gothic & Lolita Bible

Go to the selling entry @ my livejournal>>>

*I have already posted a few of my items on Ebay::

Kozi - LOKIN' ROLL CD (out-of-print, 1st press limited release)
Gazette - NIL (out-of-print, first press limited edition with special packaging and DVD)
Dir en grey - DOZING GREEN (out-of-print, 1st press limited edition with special packaging and sticker)
   **first press privilege from CDJapan for Diru's single came with a small poster.  I will add that in if requested for $2, plus higher shipping      
             charge.  This is not included in the ebay auction (I totally forgot about it O_o), so if you want it, you'll need to tell me!!

Go to my EBay page>>>
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