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So my Limited Edition Soom Beryl just arrived YESTERDAY...
And she is AMAZING! But I'm not sure she is what I had in mind... I think my DIM Choseol has warped my chances of truly appreciating other dolls. :/

So I'm CONCIDERING selling her. And am putting up this feeler (for about 3 to 4 weeks) to guage interest and consider potential offers.
The 3 to 4 weeks will give me time to consider if selling her is the right thing to do and to give others the time to consider her as an addition to their home.
If a good offer or situation presents itself, I may cut the feeler short and accept one of the current offers made.

She is a Full Set.
She is body blushed. She is one of the lighter blushings, not as dark as the defauly... And I'm pleased to say that while they did use yellow on her, its faint and it looks fantastic. There isn't much, if any, green used... Unless they mixed it with the brown to change the color tone. But she is by no means mossy in color like the stock photos.

Her face up is incredibly gorgeous and meticulous.

I am not inclined to Split her. And if I do, I would only split the outfit from the Doll. And only under reasonable offer. But I would prefer she go to a new home as a Fullset if I part with her. I have a very large wolf statue that is currently her "pet" and will consider letting him go as well.

At the request of an interested party, I'll be posting the highest offer as I get them. The name is altered for privacy.
Number of offers so far: 7
Number or inquiries so far: 19
Current highest offer (for fullset): M**********y: $2,000.00 USD

**Please remember that Beryl is currently only on FEELER status. She is not yet officially listed for sale and will likely remain as feeler status for about 3 to 4 weeks. At which point I will either accept an offer or decline. If a particularly strong offer arises, I may release her on a BIN agreement.**

She is also listed on Den Of Angels.

Videos of her box opening:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

(I originally bought her to play the character role of Alice's mother. Notice the resemblance? lol)

More photos to come soon.

Please be aware: The Beryl's body blushing is infamous for rubbing off! So she will likely need regular touch ups to her hoofed legs. I've done some research and while MSC will lightly reduce the problem, it will not solve the problem. Being that my Beryl has lighter body blushing, its far less noticeable and the area where it will eventually be noticeable is largely reduced to a smaller portion of the legs (the brown). The rubbing is largely localized to the joints. Sueding would also probably help.
Her light body blushing also makes it easier to remove her blushing for the purpose of custom blushing her and changing her color scheme.

[B]Location:[/B] California
[B]Available to:[/B] World Wide
[B]Shipping:[/B] Responsibility of Buyer. Priority or Priority international. No ground mail as I will not be responsible for damage. And Ground mail has a reputation for some interesting arrival shapes.
[B]Layaway:[/B] possible with terms.
[B]Payment:[/B] Paypal, Money Order or Cash (at risk of buyer). No checks.
DoA: Rage_Razor
LJ: in journal
Ebay: Rasariburch
ALSO! Manga, anime, VK & Lolita, Yukata and other items for sale in journal. Please have a look.

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