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Things to sell~

Here are a few things that I have up for sale that need a new home.

I don't have a paypal so that leaves just concealed cash. sorry >.<
I'm located within the US , and will only ship within the US.
Shipping depends on how much you get. :D I might give you a discount if you buy more.
I'm open to trades, so just show me what you have.
If we're doing a trade I expect that you send first.
I can take more pictures upon request.
I have feed back at BookMooch and some on GSJ

(All manga is in English and in excellent condition) $4 (unless noted)

* Chobits Vol. 1
* Times Two (X2)
* Tramps like us, vol. 1
* Beauty Pop, 1+2
* Millennium Snow vol. 1
* Gravitation vol. 1
* Anne Freaks vol. 1

* Fruits Basket 1,2 - $2 each because they have small folds and a crease on the spine.

* Cafe Kichijouji de vol, 1,2,3 $25 for all of them shipped

*Fullmetal Alchemist profile book -$10

* Yukiru Sugisaki Neutral Art Book - $12

*2000 BPASS - I'm not sure... make me an offer?

*Chobits DVD 2,4 (the boxes are in really bad condition and the disks are scratched... so if anybody want's them I'd be willing to give them away for $1a piece + shipping)
*Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis( I only watched it once or twice and the second disk has never been played, so it's pretty much new) - $8
*Princess Mononoke ( the box is a bit scratched up but the actual disk has a small little scratch that doesn't affect it's playability) $7
* Gackt blue and red - 30 for both and $16 each (both are like new)
* Kamikaze Girls - $8 ( the box is scratched but the dvd is like new)

* Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (only played for an hour then I bought other games and just never went back to this one) offer?
*Bleach: The Blade of Fate (DS) - make an offer?
*Gloomy Bear $6

Other things not pictured (some things my boyfriend is trying to sell)
* Fruits Basket card game ( all the cards are there out of their plastic, and the box is a bit squished )
* D-Gray Man vol. 7
* Gintama talking figure? (it's open and out of it's plastic but still has it's box)it looks like this
* Inuyasha keychains (inuyasha and kagome)
* Gloomy bear note book (I took out one page) :/ (ON HOLD)
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