Elizabeth (mpshiel) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Fukoru Sticker/Seal Sheets and Stationary sets

Hi, I am looking to BUY almost ANY Fukoru Sticker/Seal sheets whether old ones like God Child and Angel Sanctuary, new ones like Code Guess, or pretty much anything reasonably priced.  I have a project which involves sending anime postcards to people who are housebound or disabled, mostly younger like myself.  I send out 30 postcards a week on average, that is at least one to two Fukoru Seal/Sticker sheets a week.  Twin Character seals, Chobits, Pita Ten, D N Angel, xxxholic, Ayashi no Ceres, W juliet, Marmalade Boy, Hana Yume 2002, Hana Yume 2003, Hana Kimi seals sheet - I have used them all, For example, I have used up five Hana Yume 2003 deluxe seals double sheet.  So, I am sort of hoping anyone who has some seals, stickers that are anime related, particularly with some teens, young adults in them that want to sell them can contact me.  I am at mpshiel at hotmail.com or I will try to make a live journal page too.  Thanks!  Also if you have any Fukoru stationary sets, I tend to send them off as little gifts since I tend to buy them between $2-$4 (they make a nice gift!).  So if you have any of those, I would like to buy them as well.

If you want an idea of what I do, I posted some of the postcards I send out, the front and back using seals/sticker on my journal, the entry is here: mpshiel.livejournal.com/

Tags: stationery
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