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Huge An Cafe sale.

Unfortunately, recently I have been losing interest of An Cafe. ;_____; (And I've also been spending, sooo. xD)

I'm selling all of my posters, CDs, magazines, and also my Europe de Nyappy Photobook.
Accepted Payments
- PayPal
- Money Orders ayor.
- Concealed Cash in USD only ayor.

PayPal payments must be received within 10 days.
Mailed payments must be received within 3 weeks.

- Are in USD.
- Do not include shipping.

- All items shipped from Pennsylvania, USA.
- I ship worldwide, but you must pay the shipping. Therefore, please let me know where you are located.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail.
- I will ship your package within 3 days after the payment is received.
- I'll try my best to combine shipping but the prices might be a little off. I'm sorry! I never really combined shipping before and my math sucks too. >_>;

- I will hold items for up to 10 days.
- Please let me know if you're no longer interested.


I will let you know when I send your package out, and I'll give you an estimate of how long it will take to get to you.

Please let me know when you send payment.

All posters have been put up by myself. Some of them were from other LJ sellers, so they might not be in perfect condition.

Poster 1 $6 Kakusei Heroism #1 SOLD

Poster 2 $6 Magnya Carta #1

Poster 3 $6 Kakusei Heroism #2 SOLD
Poster 4 $6 An Cafe Gameboard Poster HOLD
Poster 5 $6 Gokutama Rock Cafe SOLD


CDs come with obi, except for the European versions. (Magnya Carta & Gokutama Rock Cafe)

CD 1 $20 Magnya Carta (EU) Version. Listened to a couple times, the case is not in perfect condition but the CD is completely fine with no scratches.

CD 2 $30 Shikisai Moment Regular Edition. Excellent condition, no scratches.

CD 3 $15 Kakusei Heroism Regular Edition. Never played, flipped through the booklet a couple times. Like new. The case is still pretty stiff.

CD 4 $15 Cherry Saku Yuuki. Excellent condition, never played. Flipped through booklet a couple times.

CD 5 $25 Gokutama Rock Cafe (JP) Listened to a couple times, in excellent condition. No scratches.

CD 6 $15 Ryuusei Rocket Regular Edition. Never played, flipped through booklet a couple times. Like new.

CD 7 $20 10s Collection March. Never played, but looked through.

CD 8 $23 Gokutama Rock Cafe (EU) Listened to a couple times, a small crack on the case but the CD is fine.

CD 1, 2, & 8 are on hold.

Shockwave magazine - $15 Comes with poster & Stickers. The poster has never been put up by myself, but has been by the person I bought this off of. HOLD

Vinyl Syndicate volume 11 - $4 Excellent condition.

Vinyl Syndicate volume 14 - $4 Excellent condition.

Huge lot of An Cafe pictures - $6 Picture sized, 4x6, glossy lot of pictures. There are 50+, some doubles, and lots of Takuya. Almost all of them have been put up by myself, so they're not perfect, but still awesome. There are pictures from NG and OG. I paid to get these all printed by and shipped by a company, so I want at least some of my money back. ON HOLD

Order Form
Name : 
E-mail :
Items wanted :
Total Cost :
Payment Method :
Zip Code / Country :
Questions? : 



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