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DS: BTSSB Gingham Lolita OP

(cross-posted to egl_comm_sales and btssb - sorry if you've seen this already!)

Hello everyone! This is somewhat of an emergency sale, as my bunny is sick and I need money to pay his vet bills. I already have a few people interested in this OP, but due to my bunny's illness, this will go to whoever can pay the quickest.

I am located in the United States. My home is non-smoking and I do have a cat, but he is kept outside and away from my wardrobe.
I take non-credit card paypal only, and am willing to ship worldwide. Please note - if I recieve credit card payment, I will return it.
I have excellent feedback on the Den of Angels forum, and have sold a dress on egl_comm_sales before.

(Apologies, the lighting in my room is really poor. I'm willing to take more pictures in natural lighting if someone would like them.)

OP is in excellent condition - I am its second or third owner. It was in great condition when I received it, and I have only worn it two or three times since then, and never for more than four hours. It is in need of some ironing, but that's all I can see wrong.

Dress worn (without pannier):

Dress as shown in GLB 21:

Measurements as given in the GLB (I have a 38" bust and 32" waist and it fits with room to spare):

I'll accept offers starting at $140 not including shipping. Please comment or send me an email (tessagi AT gmail DOT com)if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking! <3
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