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doujinshi sale

Various doujinshi for sale. Movie-verse (POTC, LOTR, etc), and a little anime (Wolf's Rain) and jrock (Plastic Tree) at the end.

Pirates of the Caribbean

(top row)

Romance Dawn (Higedance/Tres Bien, parody, 24 pages) $6

(bottom row)
On the Road to Freedom (OGS, parody, 32 pages) $6

King of Paradise (Rinky Dink, JackxElizabeth, 16 pages + color postcard) $6

Midnight Crisis (Arkham Asylum and Fake Mania, gen, 48 pages) $5 [this book has some damage: a small fold in one corner of the cover as seen in the photo, and a tiny indentation at the bottom of some of the pages. The inner art, however is fine] (comes with a free translation.)

(top row)
A Drop of Water (Kaede Udou, parody, 30 pages) $8

Seinaru Umi To Sunshine (Kaaz, parody, 32 pages + color postcard) $7

(bottom row)
Pirates of the Kalbian (Plants Planets, parody, 28 pages) $6

Snatch Pirates (Mandoriku, WillxJack shounen-ai and yaoi, 32 pages, A5 size book) $7

Nami, Shiroku (K-Hinagi, WillxJack shounen-ai and light yaoi, 60 pages, A5 size book) $7

POTC Fanbook #1 (Hina Suzuki, parody, 32 pages, A5 size book) $6

Lord of the Rings

(top row)
(can't read the title) (RROC/BRAPPERS, parody, 28 pages) $6 (there's a fold on the corner of the back cover but the inside is fine)


For Eroy (Picco, Sahara Rikusawa, Yoko Fuduki, Yu-hi Roco, parody, 36 pages) $6

Back Cherry (Pan Chira, parody, 36 pages) $6


Johnny’s Sticks (Banana, Johnny Depp parody, 32 pages) $8 (an all Johnny book! Includes references to Sleepy Hollow, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Before Night Falls, From Hell and Ed Wood)

Love of My Life (Kencoya, Viggo/Orlando light shounen-ai, 20 pages) $8 (in this book, Viggo and Orlando are talking over the phone)

The Lord of the Rings RPS: Viggo/Orlando (and Sean Bean) (Nakanokuni, Viggo/Orlando shounen-ai, 32 pages) $9

Wolf's Rain

Koutetsu no Sekai (Gigasoul, mostly gen Toboe & Tsume, 42 pages) $10


Chakooru (Plastic Tree gen, 20 pages) $10

18+ for anything marked yaoi.

-One of my old magazines had a sheet of stickers featuring characters and title logos from the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. One of the stickers is missing (I bought the magazine used), but the rest are there. I'll include the stickers with the first order that asks for them.
-I also have two POTC doujinshi that are about 8-20 pages, but are stapled books rather than bound. I'll throw one in for free with the first two orders of 4 or more books.

S&H is $6 for the first item, +$2 for each additional. Please note that I am shipping from Japan.

Paypal preferred. I'll also accept concealed cash (at your own risk!!!) in Japanese yen or US dollars...please contact me for exchange information (payment must be received within 3 weeks of my emailing you.)

To request something, email me at pi_no_kodomo @ yahoo.com or comment here with your email address.

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