Perpetual Foul Mood : Abyssal Collector Soldere (solerika) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Perpetual Foul Mood : Abyssal Collector Soldere

Anime & Game Goods, Music, Video Games

Hello everyone! I'm selling quite a bit of stuff over at fantasieren! If prices at bit out of your range I'm willing to consider offers. :D Any kind of shipping is available and I take all kinds of payments. ♥

Anime Goods: Sailor Moon & Pokemon trading cards, Calimero keychain, FMA figure, CardCaptors card set & plush, Digimon plush & figures

Books: Books on art / anatomy / Japan / horses, How to Draw Manga / Anime and Game Characters

Printed Anime/Game Items: FMA Artbook & TCG display posters, Slayers TRY anime artbooks, Pokemon books, Newtype magazine

Video Games: Japanese Kingdom Hearts II; English Bomberman Jetters, FFTa, E-reader & Animal Crossing cards, Legend of Dragoon, DS Lite Browser

Music CDs: Pokemon The First Movie, Digimon the Movie, Chrno Crusade, Chou Majin Eiyuuden Wataru, Kodomono Uta

BJD Items: SD Girl boots, socks, and skirt. MSD eyes, boots, and clothes

Anime: Knights of Ramune, Burn-Up W, Card Captor Sakura, Hamtaro, Sakura Wars, RG Veda

Manga: Trigun, Chrono Crusade, Inu-Yasha, Full Metal Panic, Planet Ladder, Utena, Demon Diary (complete set)

Doujinshi: Dragon Ball/Z, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tales of the Abyss
Tags: anime, collectibles, dolls: general, doujinshi, magazines, manga: english, music: other, toys, video games
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