ninchu (ex_ninchu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Random stuff I have to let go. =( (Gyaru / Punk-ish)

Hi everyone,

due to some money problems (and some horrid miscalculating) I have to let some of my stuff go.

x Shipping is from Japan and not included in the price
x Payment is via PayPal (please say if you use Credit Card PayPal) or Bank transfer (to either Japanese or European bank account)
x for currency calculation, ask Google!
x If you want to know measurements I can provide them, I just can't take all of them now, not knowing if it's worth the effort. Same goes for additional pictures. ASK!
x I highly encourage offers!

Off-brand Gyaru Top bought in Shibuya
Only tried on
2,500 Yen OBO

Liz Lisa 9th Anniversary Lucky Bag Sixites Style Dress
Only tried on
4,000yen OBO

TRALALA Summer Lucky Bag Small Flower Pattern Mini Skirt
Only tried on
3,000 yen OBO

Liz Lisa 9th Anniversary Lucky Bag Knit Top
Never worn
3,000 yen OBO

Liz Lisa Summer Lucky Bag Miniskirt
only tried on
2,500 yen OBO


Algonquins Suspender Skirt with Underskirt
bought used, worn twice
3,000 yen OBO

Putumayo Stripe Skirt with detachable "suspenders"
Worn twice
4,000 yen OBO

Thank you for looking!

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