sawwie_chan (sawwie_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

NEW RARE YAOI items - YOUKA NITTA art book + more...

This week's update is Yaoi-full with a touch of Shoujo:

First up - an extremely rare YOUKA NITTA NOT FOR SALE art book - Coffret a bijoux - up for offers (auction style).
Click on pic for further details

NOTE that this is the rarest of the Youka Nitta Art books - and is extremely difficult to find - A MUST HAVE for all Nitta fans!

Also - for sale - volumes 1 & 2 of U:V - from Youka Nitta's When a man loves a man series.

Other items include - a Makoto Tateno - Happy Boys book cover, a Nitral+Chiral item, a Taranoana CD, an Asami Seme business card, some Yaoi poster ripouts, and a Chara clear file!

AND a beautiful tea cup/saucer set featuring the emblem of VAMPIRE KNIGHT

Find that and more @ my shop -[info]sawwie_chan
 (literally hundreds of authentic Japanese promo, furoku, merchandise from many Shoujo, Shounen and Yaoi anime/manga series)

Current sales:
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