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Things for sale

Hi everybody,

I'm selling some things to make some room. Please check out the pictures .

Image hosted by
Mr. Children CD-$3.00
Porno Graffitti CD-$2.00 (HOLD)

Image hosted by
Wyse single-$1.00
Pool Bit Boys single-$1.00

Image hosted by
Malice Mizer single-free. The case is broken, but the CD is fine. I'd hate to throw it away.

Image hosted by
Two-Mix CD-$3.00
Glay clear file-$1.00
Back of Glay clear file: Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Gackt PV VHS Mirror and Oasis-$7.00 case slightly damaged. (HOLD)

Image hosted by
Brother starring Takeshi Kitano. Japanese no subtitles. -$4.00

Image hosted by
What's In? -$.50
B-Pass includes Pani Crew stickers-$1.00

Image hosted by
Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 1 English-$2.00
Trigun Maximum vol 1 Japanese-$2.00

Image hosted by
Chobits vol 1 Japanese-$2.00
Chobits vol 2 Japanese-$2.00

Image hosted by
Weiss Kruez Verbrechen und Strafe artbook-$10.00(HOLD)

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Gundam Wing pencil board-$2.00

Image hosted by
Anatolia Story book jacket-$.50

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Sailor Moon sticker sheets-$.50 each(HOLD ALL)

Image hosted by
Sailor Moon SD soldiers-$3.00 each

I have feedback on eBay under the name ty2ger. If you're interested in anything or have questions please e-mail me at or comment with what you're interested in and I'll give you a total with shipping. I can take paypal (no credit cards), cash (at your own risk), money orders, and personal checks (items will not be sent until check clears.) I will ship anywhere, but please e-mail me if you do not live in the United States or Canada. Thank you!

EDIT: due to numerous responses I will be offering items by time stamp on e-mails/livejournal replies.
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