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manga, cards, CDs, figures: Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi, Negima, FLCL, Utena and more!

I take Paypal, personal checks, or concealed cash (at your own risk). I will combine shipping on items as long as the price has not been listed with shipping included. I would prefer to ship to the US only. Thank you ^_^

First up, I would like to remind everyone that I have the complete set of Pretear and Tokyo Mew Mew manga up for sale on Ebay right now, but look quick, because they end soon! ^_^

Manga lots: All my manga is in mint condition!

Fushigi Yugi Manga lot -  $100 shipped
lot includes...
Original series vol. 1-5, 9, 14-18
Genbu Kaiden vol. 1-6

Negima Manga lot - $25 shipped
lot includes vol. 9-11 + a disk with English scans of vol. 1-8

Sailor Moon:

Really rare 4 1/2 inch tall Live Action Sailor Moon, Venus and Mars figures. These figures are verry detailed and beautiful to look at unfortunately, my camera does not take good pictures of small objects. I would like $30 shipped for the set.

Sailor Moon TCG lot
lot includes: two player card decks X 2 and 61 single cards
I would like $18 shipped for the lot.

Anime CDs - $5 each + shipping

1. FLCL 1
2. FLCL 2
3. FLCL 3
4. Revolutionary Girl Utena: Eve of Absolute Evolution Revolution
5. Revolutionary Girl Utena: Virtual Star Embryology
6. Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite

Tags: collectibles, manga: english, music: other, toys, video games
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