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Selling Psycho le Cemu's "Magical Photographs" photobook. In good condition, looked through three or four times. Dustjacket has a little wear at the top back cover.. Comes with the making-of DVD, which has been watched once.

This photobook is hardcover with a dustjacket and obi still on it.
Has pictures of them in their Bad Boys, Be Ambitious! outfits,
Aya dressed as a nurse, cowgirl and cheerleader,
Yura-sama in a bathrobe (._.;;;;; *death*) and just uhh... standing around in a white suit,
seek in traditional Japanese dress, without makeup or piercings (and I advise you buy this now cause it has a picture of him clipping his toenails too),
Lida all hot, shirtless and lacy (^^;),
and Daishi with his dog Momo.

Pictures of their instruments, member "best 5" costumes and concepts, band history, member history, along with baby photos of them, Daishi/Aya/Yura-sama/Lida/seek "100 questions", a looooong interview with all of the members together, and their favorite CDs.

Also has omake pictures from the photoshoots for the book and the Michi no Sora PV. Includes Bad Boys, Be Ambitious!-look stickers of each member along with a group shot.

This book is printed on very high quality paper, and the photos are gorgeous. 128 pages, 12 inches tall by about 6 inches wide.

I'm asking $25, and shipping would be $4 in the US. I can only accept US postal money order or cash. Email me at or comment here if you're interested, though emails get replied to first.

If you want to see what the book contains, hop on over to the jcrack community and take a look in the directory, linked from the info page of that community.
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