Jackie (dark_deity) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Metamorphose Biscuit Ribbon Dress (pink)

This is a brand new dress I bought at the Meta store in Kyoto. I wore it for a grand total of 20 minutes (trying it on twice) and have decided to try and sell it because I just don't think it's me. The tags are cut because I planned to wear it more often, which didn't happen.

Price includes shipping from Japan and will take on average 2 weeks to ship to the USA. If you wish to have EMS/insurance/etc. please add on an additional $5 to the price. I'm also willing to take (reasonable) offers as I need to sell this as soon as possible.

If you are planning to pay by Paypal Credit Card, please add on an additional $5 for fees.

Thanks for looking!!



PRICE $130

color : pink/off white lace/pink ribbon

fabric : original biscuit print fabric (cotton 100%), torchon lace, satin ribbon

style : zipper on side, detachable waist ribbon and ribbon broach, shirred back, comes with lining and tulle

size : length 70cm (27.5in), skirt length 52cm (20.4in) + lace, bust 86 - 93cm (33.8 - 36.6in), waist 68 - 73cm (26.7 - 28.7in)

This is a pretty comfortable dress and with the shirring could easily fit any size. It's incredibly cute but not my style since I'm leaning towards simple lolita from now on~.

Thank you again for looking!
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