saladstore (saladstore) wrote in garagesalejapan,

swag raffle!!

so after accumulating a years worth of convention swag, i felt it would be a fun alternative to start a raffle and give it away to someone who would appreciate it more :) so the rules are as follows:

1. one raffle ticket costs $1 USD
2. if you refer someone who buys a ticket you get another bonus ticket!
3. you can refer as many people, and buy as many tickets as you like
4. the raffle will end on october 31st
5. each ticket will contain a random 3 digit code (sent to you via email)
6. if the person you refer does not state who refered them, then there is nothing i can do!
7. check back on november 31st to see if you have won!
8. items will be added every weekend, so check back to see the new items!


the - official - home of this raffle will be here: purely for the reason that i have more design options.

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