Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries. (pikacheeka) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries.

Best offer manga, yaoi, and anime.

Everything here is best offer, and all are official American releases (except for Italian manga).

Manga and light novels:
Aoi House volumes 1-2
BoogiePop Phantom Returns volumes 1-2 COMPLETE
Chrono Crusade volume 1
Hellsing volumes 1-2
I.N.V.U. volumes 1-3
Kingdom Hearts volumes 1-4 + box COMPLETE
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories volume 1
Megatokyo volumes 1-3 (just added)
Ragnarok volumes 1-2
Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons novel volume 1 (just added)
Under the Glass Moon volume 1 (slightly beat up)

Shounen-Ai/Yaoi Manga:
Eerie Queerie volumes 1-4 COMPLETE
Gakuen Heaven
Jazz volume 2
Our Kingdom volumes 1-2

Anime DVDs:
Gravitation volumes 1-4 boxed set COMPLETE (just added)
Kyo Kara Mao volume 1
Shonen Onmyoji volume 1+ art box

I have several volumes of Saiyuki, Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, and GodChild available. Let me know if you are interested and would like to see a list.

Shipping and Handling charges will depend on what you're buying/where it's going.

I accept money orders, or Paypal (non-CC). I no longer accept cash due to problems in the past with it.
My eBay feedback page is here. I am not accepting trades, as I desperately need the money right now.
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