ingrid mari (katzichan) wrote in garagesalejapan,
ingrid mari

Misc. DVDs

Ah yes, the time has come... :X the time when you realize you have spent more on your obsessions than you really should have, and you need money! D:  So I present to you~

(Prices open to some haggling...)

Honey & Clover movie DVD (US release, subtitles, Region 1) ~ $10
-Opened but in perfect condition
Taste of Tea DVD (US release, subtitles, Region 1, unopened) ~ $12
-Still sealed!! D: I never got around to watching this...
L'arc~En~Ciel Live in the USA DVD ~ $10
-Both discs included, opened but in great condition, all inserts included


Paypal preferred~ but if you have another idea, let me know! ^^

Shipping within the US is easiest but I'm open to international as well. ^^  For everything except the box set, in the US it will be under $5 and should take about 3 days, using priority mail. I will let you know for sure if you order, exactly how much it will cost, but that's what to expect. ^^

If you're interested, comment and we'll go from there!

Tags: anime, idols: johnny's, movies
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