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Anime, manga, and Cds oh my! and an MP3 player!

Still looking to sell some items because I am moving in May and need to clear out my collection :) I've added some CD's to the post :)
Feel free to negotiate with prices. Remember, I want to get rid of this stuff lol!

NOTE: Since I have not owned a VCR in two years, I am unable to rewind VHS tapes before shipping them.

Escaflowne Series English Dubbed:

Asking Price: $10 (willing to negotiate on this one)
NOTE: Volumes 1, 3-8 are VHS tapes, volume 2 is a dvd. Both dvd and vhs tapes are in good shape. The VHS tapes are about 5-6 years old.

Rayearth English Dubbed(VHS tapes)

Price: $5.00

Neon Genesis Evangelion volume one English Dubbed (VHS tape)
not pictured.
Pice: $1.00
NOTE: If you buy anything else from this post and would like this VHS tape, please let me know, I'll just give it to you!

Inuyasha Manga, English, vol. 1 & 2.

Price: $5.00

Neon Genesis Evangelion Manga, English vol 1 & 2

Price: $5.00
NOTE: Volume 2 is a special edition. It is in the original Japanese reading format (volume 1 is in standard English reading format).

Sailor Scout Guides:
Sailor Mars: Fire. ; Asking: $3.00
Sailor Venus: Love. ; Asking: $3.00
Anime Trivia Quiz book. ; Asking: $5.00

Gundam Wing CD's

Price: $5 each. If you want all three, you can have them for $12.
NOTE: I've been told when I tried selling these last year, that they are from Taiwan. I have no clue, the music still sounds the same to me. Operations 3 and 2 were put out by Ever Anime and Operation 4 was put out by Sonmay if that makes a difference to you. The music is excellent. If you want additional info or pics, pm or e-mail me.

Fushigi Yugi Cd's

The first case is a set of 4 Cd's with pretty much any of the music availible from the series. From my memory, the tracks were mostly vocals. One note about this item, the insert that comes with it is slightly damaged. This CD was also put out by Sonmay record.
Asking: $10 (remember, there are 4 CDs)

The second CD is Fushigi Yugi "Love Ballads, from the second OAV. It's mostly karaoke, instrumentals and 3 drama tracks. This CD was put out by Sonmay as well.
Asking: $5

Magic Knight Rayearth CD

Asking $5
This CD is the Magic Knight Rayearth "Best Collection" and was put out by Sonmay as well.

RAVE MP3 player
No picture, but let me know if you want one.
Asking: $10
I used this before I could afford an ipod. Depending on the file size, it can hold up to 35-40 songs. It comes with the USB as well. It's really easy to use. You just pug the device to the USB cord, plug that into your computer and then just click and drag songs into the window that pops up for the device. I included the arm band that the player can be attached to if you like to listen to music while you exercise! It only needs one AAA battery.

Question for other Sellers: *please help me out with this one!*
For you seasoned sellers here, what methods do you ship wall scrolls with? What's the Average price for packaging and shipping? I have some Gundam Wing wallscrolls and an Escaflowne wall scroll that I want to sell, but before I do I want to know how to ship them ect.


I accept Paypal!
Shipping fees will be calculated and sent to you.
I only ship media mail.
I will only ship your item to you after your payment has cleared.
Please let me know that you have recieved the package, it gives me peace of mind instead of wondering, "Did they get it?!"

Anyother questions, pm me :)
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