Yoio (yukino23) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Question about one seller :S

(yes, unfortunately I'm here with an other "have you received your goods from ___". It seems it's the time of the year or sth :/)

So yep. Has anyone of you received any goods (even info would help) from nipponjin_tsuki?

She commented in many selling communities, specially of JE goods. She has erased both her LJ (although you can access it using Google) and her gmail address. Using Google I was able too see the comment on her selling post, but there's just one visible buyer comment, from arimi_skywalker. Arimi last heard from nipponjin_tsuki on Sept. 25th, while I paid her on 1st October. As we three are living in Spain the items have had enough time to come to our places, haven't them? :S

So that's it, to sum up :/ We're going to open a Paypal dispute just in case, at least if we can't get our goods we'd try to get our money back :S

This post is both for alerting other buyers and for knowing if somebody has been able to get his/her goods or knows if something has happened to her ^^;

(x-posted, sorry ^^U)
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