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Free // FS // WTB

All photos upon request

- The Sailor Moon items can be shipped together if they are going to the same person, duh ^^ but the Hello Kitty Pins are shipped separately. Shipping is $6.00 (Paypal fee included) Item will be shipped by USPS priority with delivery confimation.

*** Sailor Moon prism sticker cards  

61 in good condition sticker cards ^-^ and they come in card sleeves - these are from my collection but I've decided that I don't want them anymore.

*** Sailor Moon playing cards with case

*** Hello Kitty pins - These are Hello Kitty featuring a country, i.e. Mexico, South Korea, etc...

For Sale

*** MegaTokyo volume 1-3 $10 shipped together or $5 shipped individual
*** Tokidoki Garden Poster $20 shipped

Want To Buy

** Ranma 1/2 comics

#19 & 20 old version

#21,22,24,25,26,34,35,36 new version

I am looking to pay $5 per book + shipping charges
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