Coyote (bele_nus) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling Stuffs :)

Hello everyone ^^

I'll be returning home from Japan soon, so I am selling all the stuff I don't need anymore. Paypal only please! ^^; I ship to anywhere in the world. I can give you exact shipping if you ask, but here is the general rule since many people live in America and Europe:
1) CD's are usually $6 shipping to America and Europe
2) Magazines are usually $11 to $13 to America and Europe

Gackt - Moon (First Press Edition, I have 2 copies) $13
SADS - Babylon $10
Angel Dust - & Romance $10
Shazna - Gold Sun and Silver Moon $8

Luna Sea Black Box - $40 For more information about this, go here ^^
Fool's Mate - October 2004 Front Cover: Mucc -- this magazine includes: Kiyoharu, Dir en grey, L'Arc~en~ciel, and Plastic Tree
Arena 37c - December 2001 Front Cover: Dir en grey -- this magazine includes: Gackt, Sophia, Aucifer, Glay, and more

I'll be here for another month and a half-ish, so chances are there will be more along the way. ^^
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