Gin (nyanko_nin) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Pullips and Yukata

Hello! My name is Gin, and I'm fairly new here. I've been here before but I haven't really been active.
I am looking for anyone with a Pullip that they are selling for AROUND 60 dollars. I know, kind of cheap but I don't know if I want to become an avid Pullip collector just yet. I can't pay for two or three weeks, depending on when I get my check.
My favorites are Prunella, Youtsuzu, Celsiy, Uncanricky, Nina, Rida, or Nero. I love them all, so please if you have another you're selling please link me to photos! I would love a doll with stock, box and everything like that, but I am willing to part with them for a cheaper price..

I would also like to query for a Yukata set, for a medium US size, complete(matching obi and yukata + any accessories?), although I'm not sure if I will buy it just yet. Maybe next summer :D)

Please comment with your Pullips and Yukata! :D) You can also contact me VIA aim "Soteniliene" if you are interested and/or want to chat about them.
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