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FS: J-rock CDs - Velvet Eden, Malice Mizer, Kaya (some rare/out of print), misc anime goods

Hello everyone!
Once again I'm strapped for cash, and therefore, need to sell some things that are gathering dust.
I am located in California. I accept non-credit card paypal ONLY. Buyer pays for shipping and any applicable fees. I will ship within a week of recieving payment in full.
I reserve the right to refuse any buyer for any reason, but chances are I won't. Serious buyers only, please.

J-rock albums

Malice Mizer Bara no Seidou album. Will come with cover. I bought this from Kinokuniya a few years ago for $40; however, there are quite a few scratches on the back (I don't think they affect playback). I'm asking $20 obo.

Kaya's Masquerade single. Bought from CD Japan, and has been kept in perfect condition. This single of now out of print and somewhat difficult to find. Will come with obi as pictured. I am asking $20.

Velvet Eden Street of Alice album. I am not this CD's first owner; and therefore, there are scratches on the back, but I'm sure they don't affect playback. Hard to find. I am asking $25 obo.

misc. anime goods

Pokemon denim Jigglypuff bag. This is super-cute and I'm hesitant to sell it, but I never use it. Asking $2.

Pikachu Gameboy case. This is for Game Boy Color, but I've used it to carry around my DS. In good condition. Asking $1.

CardCaptor Sakura fan. Asking $2.

Please leave a comment if interested! Thank you so much!

There is also more good stuff - anime, J-rock, and misc. goods - for sale at my LJ!
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