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Yaoi magazines...and everything else. (and WTB)

Haven't added any new yaoi magazines yet, but added promo items from various conventions and autographs. Everything below the cd are basically things that I'm trying to get rid of so the prices are just covering the shipping cost and any paypal fees. Make offers! I'll most likely say yes!

Below the cut is:
yaoi magazines
promo items...
and something free! ^.^

Condition of items and any damages are described next to the pictures. Please note that magazines may come with 'wrinkled' page(s). The 'wrinkles' arrived as it was since it come from the tight packaging. No special items come with magazines orders. You're only buying the magazines themselves. (There is a glare from the flash of the camera. Unless otherwise noted, that is the reason for the white spot on the items. ^^; )

- Paypal only. If you prefer other methods of payment, please contact me prior to ordering.
- Shipping for books/magazines/cd: $4 for US and $12 for International (no insurance or delivery confirmation)
- Shipping for other items are in the descriptions
- Combine shipping for the US. $4 for the first item, $2 additional item. For international buyers, please feel free to contact me if you want to combine shipping and other options.

Order Process:
- send e-mail to s.i.l.e.n.t.d.e.a.t.h.s @ gmail.com with:
Item(s) name
Paypal address
Mailing address (if different from paypal account)
- I will send an invoice. Please pay within a week. If not, the item will listed as available again.
- I ship 2 business days after receiving payment.

No returns accepted. I check all my items and make sure everything is as it is described prior to order and shipping.

- Please post here or e-mail me if you have any questions or need additional pictures.

Thx for looking!


Left: BeBoy Gold - October 2007 - $6 - new SOLD
Right: BeBoy Gold - December 2007 - $6 - there are two scraps on the back cover, otherwise unread


Left: BeBoy Gold - June 2008 - $5 - There was a pullout on the first page that was removed. Please refer to link to show the extent of the damage. There is a crease on the cover due to the removal as well, but the crease is close to the edge. There are no other damages and it is unread.

Right: Ciel Tres Tes - July 2008 - $5 - new

Left: Dear+ - June 2007 - $5 - new
Right: B-Boy novel - June 2008 - $5 - new

Left: BeBoy - June 2008 - $5 - new
Right: BeBoy - August 2006 - $5 - small dent on front cover, otherwise new


Top-Left: Oyayubihime Infinity vol. 1 - $2 - new
Top-Right: Omukae Desu vol. 1 - $2 - new
Bottom: Y-Square vol. 1 - $2 - new

Left: Passion vol. 1 - $6 - water damage on dustjacket at the back otherwise new
Right: Great Place Highschool vol. 1 - $6 - used but like new

Left: Kiss All the Boys vol. 1 - $6 - new (there is a plastic bookcover around it which will be removed for shipping)
Right: A King's Lesson - $6 - new (there is a plastic bookcover around it which will be removed for shipping)

Tough Love Baby - $6 - new

Finder Series 2: Cage in the Finder - $40 - Have been read but in good condition. Bar codes are crossed out in pen on the back. One corner worn. Top edge is bent in. Please contact me if you have other offers.

Left: Street Fighter #10 with 'Special Power Foil Cover' - $7 - It is single chapter from the story with limited edition glossy covers. New.
Right: Street Fighter #12 with 'Special Power Foil Cover' - $7 - It is a single chapter from the story with limited edition glossy covers. New.
Pic of back covers: http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj314/xilentdeaths/sell/IMG_0678.jpg


Fafner - $4 - slight shelfwear but new


Jam Project: World Flight 2008 Best Selection - $10 - new in shrinkwrap

Autographs - make an offer!

D'espairsray handtowel signed by all four members. (The fourth signature is above the right wing. It is kind of light, but it is not because it was fading: the silver pen he was using was very thin.)

left: Michelle Knotz autograph on picture printout of Misty and May fanart from Pokemon - laser inkjet on photo paper
right: Michelle Knotz (May) and Bill Rogers (Brock) autographs on a Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea promo card

left: Michelle Ruff autograph on a picture printout of Chi from Chobits. - laser inkjet on photo paper
right: Scott McNeil autograph on a picture printout of SD-Duo from Gundam Wing. - laser inkjet on photo paper

Promo items - prices include shipping to US, international buyers please contact me ^^;

Fullmetal Alchemist gift bag set - $2 - The size of the plastic bag is about a regular manga (not oversized June manga) so you can have some idea of how big it is. The 2nd gold sticker (that is reflecting light and is unclear) is of a kitty waving. (Perhaps one of many hiding in Al's armor)

left: Blue Dragon Trading Card Game cards with Beginner's Guide - $2.50
right: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya armband - $2.50

Cards below are sold as 5 for $3.

1. Missing Road/Doctors' Rule 1 promo card from Drama Queen
2. Peter Panda 1/Spam Mail Hunter promo card from Drama Queen

1. Desert Punk promo card from Funimation
2. Trinity Blood promo card from Funimation
3. Speed Grapher promo card from Funimation
4. Basilisk promo card from Funimation

Witchblade promo card from Funimation - oversized postcard

1. Black Lagoon promo card from Funimation - oversized postcard
2. Stratos 4 mini shijitaki board from Bandai Entertainment
3. Black Clack promo card from Funimation
4. Totoro postcard from Disney - made out of thicker paper

1. Crayon Shin-chan promo card from Funimation
2. Spiral promo card from Funimation
3. Gunslinger Girl promo card from Funimation
4. Hell Girl promo card from Funimation

1. Fullmetal Alchemist 1st season pt. 1 promo card from Funimation - large paper sized
2. Fullmetal Alchemist promo card from Funimation

Free - you just pay shipping!

Yu Yu Hakusho figure set - Received as part of an auction lot. Botan's oar can be separated from the figure. The cutest thing I believe is the minature Puu figure. The ears are movable! ^.^


BTW, I do have a wishlist....
Any Loveless cards besides the 1-63 regular set - Looking for $7.50 per card...hoping. ^^; I'm willing to trade 3 Beboy magazines or 2 Beboy Gold magazines for any card. You just pay shipping.
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