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Official 2009 Band Calendar Pre-Orders!

We at Celga have a new special promotion this month:

2009 Official Band Calendars!

Artists: Gackt, An Cafe, SID, jealkb, L'Arc~en~Ciel, T.M.Revolution, UVERworld.

☆ Please note that these are Pre-Orders, the calendars will be released at the end of the year^^
☆ Prices already include S&H in Japan)

L'Arc~en~Ciel 2009 Official Calendar

☆ Price: $41

T.M.Revolution 2009 Official Calendar

Price: $34

UVERworld 2009 Official Calendar

Price: $39

jealkb 2009 Official Calendar

Price: $40

Gackt 2009 Official Calendar

Price: $34

An Cafe 2009 Official Calendar

Price: $35

SID 2009 Official Calendar

Price: $74

☆ Don't forget that we can also help you join fanclubs, order magazines and tickets, and we offer deputy services for buying directly from Japanese web sites and bidding services for auction sites like Yahoo Japan, Mbok and Rakuten. ☆

For more information, visit our official website and sign up for a free Celga account, and visit our Jmusic site for more info and free gifts^^

Don't forget to add our new myspace^^

For any questions or requests feel free to contact us at bustakei @ yahoo dot com.

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